Winter Start Times 2022/23

Due to changes in daylight hours during the Winter Season the start time for our first group, which is 7:00am during the summer, changes to allow for the darker mornings.

Consequently all regular slots (pre-booked) will change in line with the later start times, and those members that book in on an adhoc basis will find that the available slots are also later.

Par 3 Club : Winter Start Times
Start Times 2022/23
October 4th 7:00am
2022 11th 7:00am
18th 7:30am
25th 7:30am
November 1st 7:00am
2022 8th 7:00am
15th 7:30am
22nd 7:30am
29th 7:50am
December 6th 7:50am
2022 13th Xmas Comp
20th 7:50am
27th No Comp
January 3rd 7:50am
2023 10th 7:50am
17th 7:50am
24th 7:50am
31st 7:50am
February 7th 7:30am
2023 14th 7:30am
21st 7:00am
28th 7:00am