About The Par 3 Club

Anyone is welcome to join the Par 3 Club
Membership of Ramsdale Park GC is not a requirement

What is the Par 3 Club?

The Par 3 Club is a friendly and active group operating within Ramsdale Park Golf Centre; We meet most Tuesdays for a friendly, informal game of golf on the Par 3 (Lee) Course. Tee times are reserved between 7:00am and 10:40am.

Although the majority of members are retired people, anyone of any age is very welcome to join.

We also have special events and Away Days (usually Thursdays) during the summer season.

We operate as an independent section within the Centre and have no official affiliation with the Golf Club Membership. Any handicaps, competitions and rulings issued by the Par 3 Club are purely self contained and are not recognised by any of the certified golf unions or bodies. We do however play to the official R&A Rules Of Golf and our handicaps are maintained using a system in line with the CONGU handicap system.

As a guideline, our handicaps usually correspond to half the handicap you would have on the main course (for men) and about two thirds for ladies. Many of our members have main course handicaps, and play regularly on the main course.

The Par 3 Club is an excellent stepping stone for those new to golf and considering Membership of Ramsdale Park Golf Club.

What does it cost?

Annual membership is only £10, and the weekly competitions are £1 to enter. Members must pay their own green fees each week, which is currently a concession price of £14.00 (2021). Members of Ramsdale Park GC already have their green fees covered by their membership.

How can I join?

The Par 3 Club has operates a tee booking system which is only accessible to members of the Par 3 Club. Therefore anyone wishing to join the Club will need to pre-arrange a playing slot with a member of the committee. Click here for contact details. The best option is to email or text the Chairman, Richard Hone, in the first instance.

Please feel free to contact us to answer any questions you may have about joining the Par 3 Club

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