Prize Winnings To Levy Card

Prize Winnings To Levy Card – New System from 2nd April 2024

As announced at the AGM, all prize winnings will now be paid on to members Levy Cards (membership card) for those Par 3 Club members that are also members of Ramsdale Park.

This is the same system for payment of prizes that has been used by the Main Club and Seniors Section for the past two years.

Those Par 3 Club members who are not members of Ramsdale Park will continue to be issued with Prize Vouchers.

Therefore, from 2nd April 2024 all prize winnings will automatically be submitted to the Centre’s office for processing payments to levy cards. Any that cannot be processed (for non Ramsdale Park members) will then be issued as Prize Vouchers. Payments to Levy Cards are usually done within 2-3 days, but could take up to 7 days.

Optional – Outstanding Prize Vouchers To Levy Card

If you have any outstanding prize vouchers then you have the option to pass these on to either Peter Wilson (Treasurer) or Richard Hone (Chairman) and these will then be submitted to be paid on to your levy card.

N.B. This option will only be available up to the end of September 2024. After that date vouchers will need to be redeemed in the usual way (via the Pro Shop).