Par 3 Course Record

Current course record : 51

Record holder : Mark Juett

Date achieved : 14th May 2016

In April 2012 Ramsdale Park Golf Centre invited the Par 3 Club to establish its first official Amateur course record for the Par 3 Course, to be achieved during an appropriate one of the weekly competitions .

On Tuesday 10th April 2012, in a Strokeplay (Medal) competition, John Chadwick shot a four over par 58 and thus became the holder of the first official Par 3 course record.

The course record can only be challenged based on the following criteria :-

This record will be the lowest gross score achieved on the Par 3 Course, and in order to qualify for the record certain conditions must be met :-

1. The score must be obtained in a designated competition.
Designated competitions are the Par 3 Club monthly Singles Stableford, Strokeplay (Medal), and Bogey competitions during the summer period.

Designated competitions can also be organised by the main club.

2. Scorecards submitted for the official record must have been completed to normal R&A standards.

The Par3 Club already adheres to these standards. However, it is worth reminding everyone that your scorecard must have your name, strokes taken on each hole, marker’s signature and player’s signature. For the purpose of the course record an error in the handicap is not a problem, but may disqualify you from the Par 3 Club competition on the day!

3. The player and marker will be required to verify the circumstances of any instances where the rules have been applied to take relief, or retake shots. In other words any time that the ball has not been “played as it lies”.

This is just to ensure that the rules have been applied correctly. The rules of golf are complex and many amatuer golfers are prone to unintentionally misinterpret what relief they are entitled to take. It is important that the course record is based on a score that has been achieved fully within the rules of golf.

4. In the event two players obtain the same qualifying gross score on the same day, the standard countback system (based on scratch play) will be applied to establish which player is awarded the record.

Richard Hone
Par 3 Club