Voucher Email Request Service

Par 3 Club members can now request to have their Prize Vouchers sent to them via email, which they would then need to print off (landscape) and trim to size (a quarter of the page approximately).

If you do not currently have a voucher to collect you could still sign up. You will be sent a voucher for £100 .. ok, it’s just an example one, but at least you’ll see what it looks like.

Prize VouchersList of vouchers ready to collect or be emailed using this new service.

How do I sign up for the email service?

If you would like to use this service you need to initially send an email to vouchers@par3club.co.uk requesting to sign up for the service. Once signed up you will automatically get prize vouchers emailed to you. You may request to opt out of the service at any time.

Sending the request to another email address will not be accepted.

The email address which you use to send your request needs to be the same email address to which your voucher will be returned (N.B. this is not an automated service though).

N.B. You may need to check your SPAM/JUNK folder for the email. Tip: Add vouchers@par3club.co.uk to your Contacts to prevent this.

Fraud Check

If this is your first request there may need to be an authentication process to confirm that it is genuinely from you and not a fraud attempt. This may involve you being contacted by one means or another (It would help if you include your phone number in the request).

Authenticated email addresses will only be stored on the vouchers@par3club.co.uk email account’s contact list and will not be shared with any other person or service.

All your future prize vouchers will automatically be emailed to you each time as soon as possible after the competition. You can always request to opt out of the service at any time.

Why do we need this service?

In the past the weekly competition vouchers were left at the “registration desk” the following week for collection. Those few not collected were kept for adhoc distribution at a later date.

Since the introduction of CovID-19 restrictions from March 2020 it has not been possible to leave the Prize Vouchers anywhere for collection and so we have needed to rely on adhoc distribution. As face to face meetings with other members are very limited this method of distribution has not been very successful.

If enough members are able to use this email service then the few remaining vouchers should be less daunting to distribute.