Summer Supplementary Tee Times

The committee are aware of three on-going related issues and are implementing some changes to try and address these issues:-

  • Increasing membership numbers
  • Crowded booking process
  • The impact of pace of play throughout the spread of the playing field.

Increasing membership numbers

The Par 3 Club has always been very popular and attracts a steady stream of new members throughout the year. We currently have 114 members, many who play regularly each week, and we also have some recent enquiries that may lead to new members.

Crowded booking process

For the weekly Tuesday competitions we have 20 tee times allocated by Ramsdale Park, which equates to 80 places. (7:30am to 10:40am inclusive).

Each week when the bookings open those 80 places are very quickly filled. Others wishing to play in the competition then need to book tee times either before or after (up to 12 noon) the pre-allocated tee times. We often have about 90 members booked in to play each week.

Due to the nature of the booking system it is fair to say that for some members the experience of booking into the weekly competitions can be somewhat chaotic and stressful.

It is worth noting that this situation is not unique to the Par 3 Club. All other sections at the Club, and indeed at many other clubs, have similar difficulties. There appears to be no magic solution.

The impact of pace of play throughout the spread of the playing field

This is a major issue affecting all golf competitions with a reasonably large number of players. Again this is not unique to the Par 3 Club.

Fortunately the Par 3 Club has made many improvements over the past year with this issue. Most members are very much aware of the requirement and importance of keeping up with the group in front of them.

The adoption of 10 minute time slots by Ramsdale Park has also proven to have had a great influence on keeping a reasonably smooth and steady movement of play.

Summer Supplementary Tee Times

From Tuesday, 1st June 2021 we will be adding three supplementary tee times before the main tee times (7:00, 7:10 & 7:20). This will free up some of the earlier tee times and should relieve some of the pressure on members booking in each week.

The three Supplementary Tee Times will be allocated to the three regular groups who consistently have the first three tee times in the standard times.

This arrangement is only for the summer period (to the end of September) whilst the daylight times permit a 7:00am start.

The committee anticipates that all members will recognise and support that this is an honest attempt to improve the booking experience for ALL members, whilst at the same time maintaining our success with the improvement in the general pace of play.

The process will be monitored and reviewed throughout the summer period.

Richard Hone
Par 3 Club
16th May 2021