Summertime Greensomes

Thursday May 5th 2022

Pairs Greensomes (Medal) competition
played on the Front 9 holes of the Par 3 Course
and the Front 9 holes of the Main Course.

  • Open to Par 3 Club members
  • The Event Cost is £8 (or £15 including green fees)
  • Registration from 8am. First tee time 9:00am
  • Light lunch to follow.

Greensomes format:
Both players tee off. You choose one of the drives and then play alternate shots until the completion of the hole. N.B. Whoever’s tee shot is chosen, the other player will be hitting the second shot.

A minimum of 8 tee shots must be taken from each player

Handicaps: The strokes allowed for this competition are calculated as follows:

  • Take your Par 3 Club handicaps, add them together. You will then receive 4/5ths (80%) of the total.
  • Example:-
    Player A has Par 3 Club handicap of 11
    Player B has Par 3 Club handicap of 19.
    The combined total is 30 :: 4/5ths (80%) of 30 is 24.
    Therefore the strokes allowed = 24.

Ladies receive one courtesy shot to compensate for the difference in Par on the Seeley Course. This is applied to their Par 3 Club handicap prior to calculating the stroke allowance for the Pairing.

You will be provided with a special scorecard that has both front 9 holes of each course on it.

We are playing Regular Stroke Play (Medal), so just write down the number of shots taken for your pair on each hole (i.e. the number of shots taken with the selected ball).

Add up the strokes for the Par Course front 9 holes. This is therefore your Gross score for the Par 3 course.

Proceed to the Main course and play that in the same way, totalling up your gross score again. Add the number of strokes for both courses together to produce a total Gross score.

Your card will therefore read for example:-
Par 3 Gross 35 :: Main Gross 50 :: Total Gross 85 minus strokes allowed 24 :: Nett score = 61”

  • There will be prizes for the lowest 3 Nett scores.
  • Nearest the pin will be on the 6th on the Par 3 course and 8th on the main course.
    (N.B. Both drives can count for this, regardless of which one is chosen).

On the main course men play off the Yellow tees and Ladies play off the Red tees. However, the scores are based on the Men’s scorecard (Pars and Stroke Indexes).

Sign up for the event on Master Scoreboard
from 5:00pm Thursday, 14th April.

(includes a reserves list)

Ron Coles
Events Manager
Par 3 Club