Singles Matchplay Knockout Final

Richard Moskwa v Terry Crofts

Friday, 23rd September 2022

Match Report by Richard Hone

The match started at 9:10am on a calm, dry  and reasonable warm day … perfect weather for golf.

Terry & Richard were both in good spirits and keen to give the match their best.

Terry (Hcp 8) was giving 14 shots to Richard (Hcp 22).

1st Hole: Richard scored Nett Par. Terry had a good birdie chance to win the hole, but just missed. Hole halved.

2nd Hole: Terry managed a steady Par and Richard took 4. Terry wins the hole.

3rd  Hole: Both scored a steady Nett Par. Hole halved

4th Hole: Terry manages another steady Par, but Richard’s tee shot overshot the green leading to a 4. Terry wins the hole, now 2 Up.

5th Hole: Both score 4, but Richard has a shot, so wins the hole and pulls it back to 1 Up.

6th Hole: Another steady Par from Terry. Richard has a chance to win the hole but the ball just lips out. Hole halved.

7th Hole: Yet another steady Par from Terry. Richard only manages a Nett 4. Terry wins the hole and goes back to 2 Up.

8th Hole: Richard scores a Nett 3. Terry has a short Putt to halve the hole, but his ball lips out. Richard wins the hole … back to 1 Up.

9th Hole: Nightmare hole for Richard … shanks his tee shot short and right just into the rough. Second shot only goes 40 yards and it is further into the rough. Similar outcome from his third shot. Finally gets out of the rough with his 4th shot but still not on the green. Richard concedes the hole and Terry is back to 2 Up.

Richard starts the back nine with an excellent comeback. Winning the 10th hole, halving the 11th hole and on the 12th hole sinks a 15ft Putt for a Nett Birdie to take the hole. Match now All Square.

13th Hole: After 2 shots Terry is still off the green and a long way from the hole. Richard puts his second shot just 2ft from the pin. Terry concedes the hole and Richard is now 1 Up.

14th Hole: Richard pushes his tee shot too far right and ends up in the bunker. To make matters worse his ball is in a footprint. Terry thins his tee shot and his ball ends up way through the green and quite a way from the pin.

Richard manages to get his ball out of the bunker and it finishes just over the green about 12ft from the pin … he is still in with a chance … or least he would have been except Terry chips in for a birdie and takes the hole. Back to All Square.

15th Hole: Both manage a steady Nett Par

16th Hole: Richard almost misses the ball on his tee shot .. the ball falls off the tee but remains in the teeing box. Under the Rules of Golf Richard is allowed to tee his ball again without penalty. Both players score Nett Par. Match remains at All Square.

17th Hole: Terry pulls his tee shot just left of the left bunker and he will need to go over the bunker to get to the green. Richard’s tee shot ends up in the left bunker.

Terry makes sure he doesn’t go into the bunker but consequently ends up going way through the green.

Richard decides the bunker wall is too steep for him to go for the pin so plays out at an angle to reduce the bunker wall height, he is in a reasonable position but a fair distance from the hole.

Terry chips to 3ft from the hole (3rd shot). After a chip and a Putt Richard is 2ft from the hole (4th shot Nett 3). Terry Putts out for his 4 and now Richard is Putting for the half.

Golf can be a cruel game sometimes and Richard just misses what would normally be regarded as a gimme. Terry wins the hole and is now 1 Up going to the 18th.

18th Hole: Terry leaves his tee shot somewhat short of the green, and conversely Richard’s tee shot overshoots the green.

Terry chips to about 4ft from the hole, Richard chips to about 8ft and then just misses his Putt. Terry sinks his Putt, takes the hole, takes the match and wins the Championship.

Analysis of scores: (scores estimated when holes not completed)
Terry Crofts: Gross 60, Nett 52 | Richard Moskwa: Gross 76, Nett 54

Congratulations to both players. An excellent and very closely contested match played in a true sportsmanship manner

Terry Crofts

Richard Moskwa
Runner Up