Seniors Ryder Cup 2018

Seniors Ryder Cup (style) Competition 2018
Thursday, 4th October 2018
Team Sheet
Seniors Team Par 3 Club Team
1 Steve Duty (Team captain) 1 Richard Hone (Team Captain)
2 Warren Elliott 2 Dave Dandie
3 Doug Barber 3 Trevor Holmes
4 Neil Harris 4 Stuart Murry
5 Winston Jones 5 Terry Henshaw
6 Tony Brant 6 Bill Aslin
7 Gary Shenton 7 Terry Crofts
8 David Armitage 8 Frank Shaw
9 David Costin 9 Brian Stocks
10 Brian Bailey 10 Mike Alexander
11 Keith Hepworth 11 Richard Taylor
12 Malcolm Voce 12 Jim Loyley
13 Bob Colson 13 Peter Littlewood
14 Mike Jefferies 14 Garry Seagrave
15 Steve Crawley 15 George Walsh
16 Dave Clark 16 Kevin Else
17 Mike Keeton 17 Dave Wragg
18 Steve Clarke 18 John Greenwood
19 Don Jarrett 19 David Foster
20 Robin Rowell 20 Beresford Bell

Tee times run from 8:40am to 9:52am inclusive.

Steak Pie & Chips is provided for each group as they finish.

The competition comprises of a mixture of Pairs Matchplays and Singles Matchplays. Match winners score 1 point and drawn matches half a point each. The team gaining the most total points will be the event winners.

“Nearest The Pin” on all Par 3s and 18th Hole (in two).

Team Captains will allocate their players to playing groups. The finalised Start Sheet will be published on Monday, 1st October, all being well.