Par 3 Club
AGM Challenge Back 9 – Revised Start Sheet
Tuesday 27 February 2024
All players start from the 10th Hole and play 9 holes
Start Time
10:00 Peter Brookes John McWhirter Dave Durrant Jean Durrant
10:08 Graham Bowles Joe Adcock Tony Lees Alan Larner
10:16 Richard Taylor Peter Littlewood Trevor Holmes Jim Loyley
10:24 Derrick Goodman Ralph Bedrock John R Bailey Keith Green
10:32 Maurice Tomlinson Trevor Daykin Barry Yates Jackie Hastings
10:40 Monica McDermott Richard Moskwa Paul Felstead Steve Adcott
10:48 Kevin Beswick Peter Douglass Derek Housam Peter Stevenson
10:56 Mike Jefferies Brian McLellan Michael Raven Hugh Hards
11:04 Richard Attenborough Ian Smith Linda Waldron Paul Garton
11:12 Bill Aslin Paul Barnes Doug Bough Sandra Tudor
11:20 Dave Wragg Beresford E Bell Garry Seagrave Stuart Murry
11:28 John Chadwick George Walsh Terry Allen Richard Wild
11:36 Jim K Bailey Dave Dandie Terry Henshaw Mick Keeton
11:52 Richard Hone Terry Crofts Peter Wilson Brian Stocks
Notes: It has been necessary to reorganise the AGM Challenge competition due to the front 9 holes now being closed on the day for essential maintenance work.
All players will now being teeing off from the 10th hole, and playing 9 holes.
The bookings from both tees (1st & 10th) have been merged in time order, which has resulted in all tee times getting progressively later than originally booked.If you wish to cancel your booking please contacted Richard Hone directly.