Par 3 Club Charity Challenge

Friday 19th August 2016

Registration 1.15pm First tee time 2.00pm

Cost £17 (£12 without green fees) includes one course meal to follow and donation to charity)

The team (in no particular order) is as follows :-

1     Richard Hone 2     Ron Coles
3     Beresford Bell 4     Terry Crofts
5     John Greenwood 6     John Chadwick
7     Mike Alexander 8     Brian Stocks
9     Monica McDermott 10   Irene Mitchell
11   Garry Seagrave 12   Tony Best
Reserves will be contacted prior to Friday if an opportunity to play arises
Dave Wragg Sandra Tudor


Some of the other sections are currently having difficulty raising a full team if you would like to offer your services to play for them (they have sign up sheets on their notice boards, or contact the relevant section Captain)