Open Letter

To: Theresa Plimmer, General Manager, Ramsdale Park Golf Centre
From : Club Captain, Seniors Captain and Ladies’ Representative

Corona Virus Situation Management – Members Gratitude and Support

22nd March 2020

Dear Theresa,

We are writing on behalf of all the members of Ramsdale Park Golf Club, Par 3 Club and the respective committee members, to express our deep appreciation of all the extra hard work and dedication that you and all your staff are putting in to manage the current crisis.

It goes without saying that these are unprecedented times, and each day seems to bring new challenges for you and your staff.

For those members who are not classed as “vunerable” the opportunity to continue to enjoy some form of safe social golf, for both the physical and mental benefits, is hugely appreciated.

Of course compliance with the “social distancing” guidelines and other safety procedures is paramount and you and your staff are to be commended for doing all you can to facilitate this both on and off the course.

It is appreciated that you are having to make many critical decisions on an on-going basis in order to respond effectively to changes in government instructions and guidelines. We wish to reassure you that you have our full support in whatever actions you have to take, knowing that where appropriate, and practical, you will do this in consultation with us.

Communication with members does seems to be working quite well and we are keen to play our part in helping to ensure that members continue to be kept well informed regarding safe practices when they are at the Club. We would be happy to repost any communications on our websites and social media if you wish.

The vast majority of the members and visitors seem to be respecting the safety measures and all being well this will mean we can continue as we are whilst the outbreak runs its course.

We shall all look forward to getting back to normal sometime in the not too distant future, for now we will all work together to keep as safe as possible.


Yours sincerely,

Richard Hone
Club Captain &
Par 3 Club Chairman
Stuart Murry
Seniors Captain
Sue Brant
Ladies’ Representative