Changes to the Online Score Entry Procedure

Summary Details

Before you enter your scores online you will need to first “Sign In” to the competition, this can be done at the same time as when you enter your scores or at any time before on the same day.

You will see the “Sign In” button in the same place on Master Scoreboard where you enter your scores (“Scores Entry”).

This small extra procedure is required to “trigger” the deduction of your £1 competition fee from your Competition Purse.

Those members who choose to continue to pay £1 per week via the Competition Box are still required to “Sign In” but the Competition Purse details can be ignored.

Full Details

The vast majority of Par 3 Club members enter their scores online.
This only applies to Singles competitions, as Team and Pairs games cannot be entered online and therefore have to be entered manually by the committee.

Up to now there has been no requirement for Par 3 Club members to “sign in” to the competition before they can then enter their scores.
With Main Club competitions signing into competitions has to be done prior to playing (England Golf rules), and there also has to be at least 100 minutes between signing in and entering scores.

A change to the Par 3 Club Signing In/Entering Scores procedure has been introduced to enable us to offer members a new OPTIONAL service which will allow for the weekly competition fees to be paid as a lump sum in advance.
For example, pay £5 for the next 5 weekly competitions that you play or £10 for the next 10.

In order to enable this service members are now required to SIGN IN to competitions before they can then enter their scores.
This should have a minimal impact on the process of entering your scores online.

Signing in to the competition will trigger the automatic payment of your competition fee to be deducted from your “Competition Purse” within the system. You can view your Competition Purse balance on Master Scoreboard under “My Golf”.

With the Par 3 Club the signing in can be done at the same time (immediately before) as entering scores, or if you prefer, you can sign in before you commence play.
N.B. only the member logged in to Master Scoreboard can sign in. Therefore if you are signing in for another member you will need to use their log in (with their permission).

Inevitably there are likely to be a few teething problems at first, but in the long term the ability for members to make advanced competition fee payments will be a great benefit for many.

Your support and patience, as ever, is greatly appreciated.

Richard Hone