Matchplay Knockouts 2020

The matchplay knockout competitions will be run concurrently over the summer period (April – September) and are open to all Par 3 Club members.

Sign Up on-line only
Any member having difficulty signing up should seek assistance
either from a committee member or another trusted member

Entry to this competition will close at
1:00pm on Tuesday, 24th March 2020

Charts for initial order of play :-

KO Chart – Singles KO 2020 (George Pawson Trophy)

KO Chart – Pairs KO 2020 (Jack Crabtree Trophy)

All players are responsible for contacting each other and arranging their matches within the allotted timescale for each round. Any difficulties with arranging matches must be brought to the attention of the competition organiser, Richard Hone, before the allotted date for the round. The competition organiser will decide on the fairest resolution based on the circumstances presented.

The competition format for the Pairs Knockout has now changed:-

Singles Matchplay: Full handicap allowance

Pairs Matchplay: Pairs Better Ball ( 90% difference of lowest handicapped player)

The Main Points

Work out the difference between your handicaps. That tells you how many strokes the weaker side receives. Take those strokes according to Stroke Index.

Example: if you get 3 strokes, you will take those on holes 3, 5 & 12.You play the game by holes.

Lower net score wins hole.

Net scores equal – hole halved.

State of match expressed by: so many holes up or all square.

Match is won when one side leads by number of holes greater than the number of holes still to be played.

Example: if you are 3 up after the 16th hole, you cannot lose. Therefore, you have won 3 and 2.

In the Pairs it is the best score from each side that decides the outcome of the hole.

If you are all square after 18 holes, go on to sudden death.

Sudden death play traditionally starts on the 1st hole, but if all parties are in agreement sometimes starting on the 10th hole is more convenient. Use your discretion to cause minimum disruption to others playing the course.