Master Scoreboard Email Notifications

Members can now choose to subscribe to the Master Scoreboard Email Notification Service to receive emails when Master Scoreboard is updated, e.g. results are published, new competitions are posted or when you are on the reserve list for an event and are automatically moved into a freed up place.

You must complete the registration process to confirm your email address before any notifications will be sent. Notifications can be suspended (e.g. for a holiday period) and resumed without needing to complete the registration again, provided that the email address is not changed.

Notifications are sent according to the preferences that you have selected. These can be amended at any time.

Change Notification Preferences

The current status of your notification preferences is shown on the ‘My Golf’ page. To change the settings, click on the ‘Email Notifications’ link.

  • Change the notification status as required.
  • Set the email address to which messages will be sent.
    • To protect your privacy and security, your email address is encrypted on the system and cannot be viewed by other members or the club administrators.
    • If the address is changed, no notifications will be sent until the address has been verified using the registration process above.
  • Enter the confirmation code [only during the registration process]
  • Select which notifications are sent and the minimum time between notifications for data publication. The time interval stops you receiving messages too frequently.
  • Click SAVE to update your preferences.

Note: If your password is reset (to the club default) by your club’s Master Scoreboard Administrator, notifications are disabled and your preferences are discarded.