Par 3 Club

Summertime Greensomes

Competition Format: GREENSOMES (Pairs)

  • Lee Course – Front 9 holes & Seeley Course – Front 9 holes
  • Playing Handicaps based on Par 3 Club Handicaps
  • Ladies receive one courtesy shot (added to their Par 3 Club Handicap)
  • Playing Handicap for the Pair is 80% (4/5ths) of combined handicaps

Format overview:

Both players tee off. They then choose one of the tee shots and, only playing with that chosen ball, the players take alternate shots until the ball is holed. The number of strokes taken with the chosen ball is the gross score for the hole and must be recorded on the scorecard in the appropriate column.


  • On the Scorecard write the name for one player as Player A and the other as Player B.
  • Player A & Player B both tee off.
  • Player B’s ball is chosen so the next (second) shot is taken by Player A.
  • Player B takes the next (third) shot
  • Player A takes the next (fourth) shot and holes out.
  • Record the STROKES TAKEN (4 in this case) in COLUMN B to indicate that Player B’s tee shot was chosen for that hole.
  • Shots taken out of turn (wrong player) MUST be retaken (by the right player) and ONE PENALTY SHOT added to the score.

A minimum of 8 tee shots must be taken from each player

Lee Course – Pars and Stroke Indexes as per Lee course scorecard (i.e. odd numbered Stroke Indexes)

Seeley Course – Pars and Stroke Indexes as per Seeley Men’s Scorecard (i.e. even numbered Stroke Indexes)

Ladies will receive one courtesy shot to compensate for the difference in Par on the Seeley Course. This is applied to their Par 3 Club handicap prior to calculating the stroke allowance for the Pairing.

Lee Course – All players play off the Blue Tees

Seeley Course – Men play off the Yellow Tees : Ladies play off the Red Tees

On completion of the round the gross scores for all holes are totalled for the GROSS SCORE then take off the Playing Handicap allowance to calculate the NETT SCORE.

Winners are based on the lowest NETT SCORES.

In the event of tied scores the standard COUNTBACK ruling will apply, with the Seeley Course counting as the “back nine”.