Competition Schedule

January ’14 February ’14
7th Stableford (E 4/6) 4th Stableford (E 5/6)
14th Medal (E 4/6) 11th Abandoned due to flooding
21st Bogey 18th Medal (E 5/6)
28th Yellow Dot (Teams of 3/4) 25th Pairs Multiplier
March ’14 April ’14
4th Stableford (E 6/6) 1st Stableford (Q)
11th Medal (E 6/6) 8th Medal (Q)
18th Bogey 15th ONE Club & Putter Stableford
25th Cha Cha Cha (Teams of 3/4) 22nd Bogey (Q)
29th Pairs Betterball Stableford
May ’14 June ’14
6th Chairman’s Charity Day + meal
8:30am Shotgun start : Teams
3rd Stableford (Q)
13th Stableford (Q) 10th Medal (Q)
20th Medal (Q) 17th Bogey (Q)
27th Bogey (Q) 24th Yellow Dot (Teams of 3/4)
July ’14 August ’14
1st Stableford (Q) 5th Stableford (Q)
8th Medal (Q) 12th Medal (Q)
15th 2 Clubs & Putter Medal 19th Bogey (Q)
22nd Bogey (Q) 26th Pairs Betterball Bogey
29th Cha Cha Cha (Teams of 3/4)
September ’14 October ’14
2nd Stableford (Q) 7th Stableford (E 1/6)
9th Medal (Q) 14th Medal (E 1/6)
16th ONE Club & Putter Stableford 21st Bogey
23rd Bogey (Q) 28th Pairs Multiplier
30th Yellow Dot (Teams of 3/4)
November ’14 December ’14
4th Stableford (E 2/6) 2nd Stableford (E 3/6)
11th AGM Challenge
9 Holes / 18 Holes
9th Medal (E 3/6)
16th Bogey
18th Medal (E 2/6) 23rd Stableford
25th Bogey (Beef Stew Day) 30th Xmas Hols – No Competition