Competition Entry 2020

In order to minimise the contamination risk of CovID-19 the following procedures must be adhered to when entering the Par 3 Club weekly competitions.

For a printable copy – Click Here

COMPETITION FEES – envelopes will be available on a table near the Par 3 Club noticeboard. Please ensure that you only handle the envelope that you are going to use. Even better, bring your own envelope. If you can organise your group so that all four players use one envelope that would help greatly as well. YOU WILL NEED YOUR OWN PEN.

COMPETITION BOX – The competition box will be located in the Pro Shop. Drop your envelope in the box at the same time that you register your play with the Pro Shop and collect your scorecard.

DO NOT EXCHANGE SCORECARDS – Players must not exchange scorecards. Within your playing group “pair up” with another player as your “nominated marker”. Write the name of your “nominated marker” on your scorecard as “Player D”. You will need to complete and sign your own scorecard writing the number of strokes you take on each hole in Column A. Also, write the number of strokes your “nominated marker” takes on each hole in the left hand “marker” column. A marker’s signature is not required, but if necessary your scores will be checked against your marker’s scorecard.

To see an example scorecard – click here

SUBMISSION OF SCORECARDS – On completion of your round drop your scorecard into the Competition Box in the Pro Shop. All scorecards must be submitted by no later than 3:00pm on the day of the competition. If your scorecard is not received you will be deemed to have not entered the competition, and any scores entered on-line will be deleted.

ON-LINE SCORES ENTRY – Players are requested to enter their scores via the on-line Score Entry system. Doing this will greatly assist the administration of the competitions, but in the event a player fails to do so then the committee will enter their scores using the submitted scorecard.

This procedure will be closely monitored and changes introduced as we gain experience and also through feedback from members.