Par 3 Club
Yellow Dot (Teams of 3/4)
Printed: 30 April 2024
Competition Result
Competition played on 30 April 2024 at Ramsdale Park GC Par 3.
Full Net Result
Overall Position Score (Strokes) Prizes Countback
1 Gary Lonsdale 85 pts
Steve Morley £7
Adrian Woodward each
Player5 Ghost
2 Kevin Else 81 pts
Roy Goldsbrough £5
Paul Felstead each
Alfredo ** Daseco
3 Alan Kilburn 80 pts
Norman Sullivan £4
John McWhirter each
Ben Smith
4 Hugh Hards 77 pts Last Nine Holes
Terry Crofts £3
Kelvin Day each
Frank Shaw
5 Derek Housam 77 pts
Helen Whitehand
Peter Stevenson
Peter Douglass
6 Richard Hone 76 pts
Geoff Hackett
Daniel Ruskin
Jane Steventon
7 John Chadwick 75 pts
Jim Bailey
Terry Allen
Player1 Ghost
8 Richard Attenborough 74 pts Last Nine Holes
Bill Jackson
Ian Smith
Linda Waldron
9 Maurice Tomlinson 74 pts
Chris West
Trevor Daykin
Barry Yates
10 Graham Bowles 73 pts
Joe Adcock
Ron Coles
Tony Best
11 Bill ** Aslin 72 pts Last Nine Holes
Stuart Murry
Terry Henshaw
Dave Dandie
12 Doug Bough 72 pts
Richard Juby
Paul ** Barnes
Tony Lees
13 Steve Adcott 71 pts Last Six Holes
John Greenwood
Cath Greenwood
Kevin Beswick
14 Doug Hamilton 71 pts Last Nine Holes
Jean Durrant
Dave Durrant
Player3 Ghost
15 Philip Fairburn 71 pts
Tony Cooke
Rob McLachan
Gary Prosser
16 Alan Larner 70 pts
Geoff Hudson
Simon Shaw
Simon Gilby
17 Derrick Goodman 69 pts
Ralph Bedrock
Keith Green
John Bailey
18 Trevor Holmes 68 pts Last Nine Holes
Richard Taylor
Peter Littlewood
Player4 Ghost
19 Jan Mee 68 pts
Paul Baranek
Sue Baranek
Player2 Ghost
20 Brian Stocks 67 pts
Jeff Caunt
Peter Wilson
Steve Crawley
21 Graham Leadbeater 66 pts
Beresford Bell
Garry ** Seagrave
Dave Wragg
22 Pat Linnington 64 pts
David Sheath
Nigel Hart
Monica McDermott
Number of Cards Processed = 22
Competition Format:
4 Player Team, Stableford competition. Strokes Received: Full Tee Handicap.
Where a team is placed ahead of the following team in the results, based upon matching scorecards (‘Countback’), the ‘Countback’ column documents the winning section of their scorecard.