Par 3 Club
Singles Stableford (E 5/6)
Printed: 6 February 2019
Competition Result
Competition played on 05 February 2019 at Ramsdale Park GC Par 3.
Full Net Result
Net DiffHcap ChgNew HcapOverall PositionScore (Strokes Rcd)PrizesCountback
-5-220.11Norman Sullivan42 pts (22)10.00
-3-0.711.82Keith Green40 pts (13)9.00
-2-0.4113Robert Wightman39 pts (11)8.00
-1-0.318.14Maurice Tomlinson38 pts (18)6.50Last Nine Holes
-1-0.211.85Peter Littlewood38 pts (12)5.50Last Three Holes
-1-0.314.66Ralph Bedrock38 pts (15)5.00
008.27Brian Stocks37 pts (08)4.50Last Nine Holes
0018.98Ian Smith37 pts (19)4.00
10149John S Smith36 pts (14)3.50Last Nine Holes
1026.410Sue Baranek36 pts (26)2.50Last Nine Holes
102011Monica McDermott36 pts (20)Last Nine Holes
1014.812Kevin Beswick36 pts (15)Last Three Holes
1018.913Tony Warsalee36 pts (19)Last Six Holes
1013.114Paul Baranek36 pts (13)
2011.915Ron Green35 pts (12)Last Nine Holes
2012.516John Bailey35 pts (13)Last Nine Holes
2021.117Sandra Tudor35 pts (21)Last Nine Holes
20818Derrick Goodman35 pts (08)Last Three Holes
2021.419Peter Stevenson35 pts (21)Last Nine Holes
205.620Richard Taylor35 pts (06)
3016.721Ed Sands34 pts (17)Last Nine Holes
3018.322Roger Harwood34 pts (18)Last Six Holes
3+0.19.823Graham Bowles34 pts (10)Last Nine Holes
3+0.111.724Frank Shaw34 pts (12)Last Three Holes
3+0.15.625Richard Hone34 pts (06)Last Six Holes
3015.326Richard Wild34 pts (15)Last Six Holes
3016.427Roy Goldsbrough34 pts (16)Last Nine Holes
3015.428Trevor Daykin34 pts (15)Last Three Holes
3021.429Robert Burton34 pts (21)
4+0.116.430Fred Frith33 pts (16)Last Nine Holes
4+0.114.131David Sheath33 pts (14)Last Six Holes
4+0.112.332Chris Archer33 pts (12)Last Nine Holes
4022.333Richard Attenborough33 pts (22)Last Nine Holes
4+0.112.734Mike Alexander33 pts (13)Last Nine Holes
4+0.110.935Mark Shaw33 pts (11)
5+0.17.836Nigel Hart32 pts (08)Last Six Holes
5+0.127.337Jackie Hastings32 pts (27)Last Nine Holes
5+0.117.838Jeff Caunt32 pts (18)Last Six Holes Front 9
5+0.120.639Jim Dickens32 pts (21)Last Six Holes
5+0.121.440Pat Linnington32 pts (21)Last Six Holes
5+0.113.341Ian Douglas32 pts (13)
6+0.18.342Dave Wragg31 pts (08)Last Nine Holes
6+0.115.643Lee Thompson31 pts (16)Last Six Holes
6+0.111.344Dave Dandie31 pts (11)Last Nine Holes
6+0.113.545Doug Gibson31 pts (13)Last Nine Holes
6+0.124.146Geoff Hawkins31 pts (24)Last Nine Holes
6+0.114.747George Walsh31 pts (15)
7+0.114.148Adrian Shaw30 pts (14)Last Three Holes
7+0.117.849Peter Starling30 pts (18)Last Nine Holes
7+0.110.550Derek Housam30 pts (10)Last Nine Holes
7+0.125.851Sardar Qureshi30 pts (26)Last Six Holes
7+0.18.352Terry Crofts30 pts (08)
8+0.112.753Peter Douglass29 pts (13)Last Six Holes
8+0.116.554Jan Mee29 pts (16)Last Nine Holes
8+0.19.255Ged Davison29 pts (09)Last Nine Holes
8+0.115.456Geoff Hudson29 pts (15)
9+0.19.157Alan Kilburn28 pts (09)Last Nine Holes
9+0.19.958Terry Henshaw28 pts (10)Last Nine Holes
9+0.110.859John Phillips28 pts (11)
10+0.113.660Peter Wilson27 pts (14)Last Nine Holes
10+0.115.461John McWhirter27 pts (15)
11+0.111.462Jim Loyley26 pts (11)
12+0.15.563Stuart Murry25 pts (05)Last Three Holes
12+0.114.564Brian Morris25 pts (14)
14+0.112.565Doug Hamilton23 pts (12)
16+0.114.966Simon Shaw21 pts (15)Last Nine Holes
16+0.115.567Ray Allsebrook21 pts (15)
Number of Cards Processed = 67
Competition Format:
Singles Stableford competition. Handicap allowance: Full allowance.
Competition Scratch Score (CSS):
TeesParSSSCompetition Scratch Score
Blue (Men)545453 (37 Stableford Points)
Blue (Ladies)545453 (37 Stableford Points)
Where a player is placed ahead of the following player in the results, based upon matching scorecards (‘Countback’), the ‘Countback’ column documents the winning section of their scorecard.
Changes to Handicaps:
Playing Handicaps for the following HOME Club members have changed:
Previous HandicapNew Handicap
Ray Allsebrook1516
Doug Gibson1314
Keith Green1312
Doug Hamilton1213
Derek Housam1011
Jan Mee1617
Brian Morris1415
Stuart Murry56
Norman Sullivan2220