Par 3 Club
Pairs Better Ball Bogey
Printed: 25 August 2015
Result of the Competition played on 25 August 2015 at Ramsdale Park GC Par 3
Result (Nett Scores):
Overall Position Score Prizes CountBack
1 Derek Housam 11 up 8.00 each 6up 3up 3up 1up
Chris Glenn
2 John McWhirter 10 up 6.50 each 6up 3up 2up 1up
Norman Sullivan
3 Brian Morris 9 up 4.50 each 4up 3up 2up Sq.
Dave Wragg
4 Terry Crofts 9 up 3.50 each 4up 2up 1up Sq.
Frank Shaw
5 Paul Hale 8 up 2.50 each 5up 4up 3up 1up
Ian Smith
6 Alan Kilburn 8 up 4up 1up 1up Sq.
Chris Archer
7 John Keen 8 up 3up 2up 1up Sq.
Brian Stocks
8 Derek Mellor 7 up 5up 2up 1up 1up
Player1 Ghost
9 Ged Davison 6 up 4up 3up 2up Sq.
Kevin Else
10 John Chadwick 6 up 3up 1up 1up Sq.
Player2 Ghost
11 Graham Bowles 6 up 2up 1up 1dn 1dn
Terry Henshaw
12 Alan Bradbury 6 up 1up 2up 1up 1up
Brian Ansell
13 Robert Burton 5 up 3up 2up 1up 1up
Irene Mitchell
14 Ralph Bedrock 5 up 3up Sq. 1dn 1dn
John Bailey
15 Jim Loyley 5 up 1up Sq. 1up Sq.
Peter Littlewood
16 Ron Coles 5 up Sq. Sq. 1up Sq.
Tony Best
17 John Richards 4 up 2up 2up Sq. 1dn
Sardar Qureshi
18 Roger Harwood 4 up 1up 1up 1up Sq.
John Bolesworth
19 Trevor Daykin 4 up 1up Sq. 1up 1up
Player4 Ghost
20 Beresford E Bell 4 up 1up Sq. 1up Sq.
Eric Guest
21 Bill Blaney 4 up 1up Sq. Sq. Sq.
Player3 Ghost
22 Doug Gibson 3 up 2up 1up Sq. Sq.
Jeff Caunt
23 Arthur Knowles 3 up Sq. 1up 1up Sq.
John S Smith
24 Linda Waldron 3 up Sq. 1dn 1up Sq.
Monica McDermott
25 Jill Richards 2 up 2up 2up 1up 1up
Janet Spurr
26 Richard Taylor 2 up 1up 1up Sq. 1up
Dan Daniels
27 Peter Cooper 2 up 1dn Sq. Sq. Sq.
Peter Stevenson
28 Garry Seagrave 2 up 1dn 2dn 1dn Sq.
Richard Hone
29 Barry Moxon 1 up 1up Sq. 1dn Sq.
Player5 Ghost
30 Sue Baranek All Sq. Sq. Sq. 1up Sq.
Jan Mee
31 Eric Wheatley 2 down Sq. Sq. Sq. Sq.
Jim Dickens
Chris West 8 up DQ: Rule 6-6(b) [no marker signature]
Mike Alexander
Number of Cards Processed = 32
Competition Format:
Four Ball Better Ball Par (Bogey, vPar) competition. Handicap allowance: Full allowance.
Competition Scratch Score (CSS):
This Competition was non-qualifying for handicap purposes.
Countback calculations:
Countback is result over last nine holes, then over last six holes, then over last three holes and finally last hole score only (where applicable).