Ladies Club Championship 2015

Pat_IremongerCongratulations to PAT IREMONGER who finally won the Championship in a deciding play-off.

Pat Iremonger and Monica McDermott had finshed the main rounds of the championship on tied first place with 50 points each. So it was agreed a play-off match would determine the outcome of the championship.

After the first four holes Pat was already 3 holes up and looking in a strong position. However, by the end of the front nine Monica had pulled it back to all square.

Monica then took the lead on the 11th, but that didn’t last long as Pat won the 12th and it was back to all square.

Pat took the 14th and 15th and was now 2 up with only 3 holes left.

Monica took the 16th, they halved the 17th, then Monica took the 18th.

So after 18 holes they were all square! … and so to sudden death.

They chose to start on the 10th hole. Pat was down in 4 shots and Monica just missed the short putt she needed to save the hole.

Finally the Par 3 Club had it’s 2015 Ladies Champion.

A superb match to finish off a very exciting championship battle, which has taken 19 rounds plus one hole to complete.

The match was played in the true spirit of the game, with both players being friendly and courteous with each other throughout.

Well done to both of them.

Par 3 Club
Club Championship Ladies 2015
Printed: 22 September 2015
Position Points No. of O.O.M. Competitions
1 Monica McDermott 50 17
1 Pat Iremonger 50 14
3 Sue Baranek 40 14
4 Pat Linnington 38 16
5 Janet Spurr 32 18
6 Sandra Tudor 26 12
7 Linda Waldron 24 12
7 Chris West 24 10
9 Irene Mitchell 20 9
9 Jackie Hastings 20 7
11 Ruth Smith 16 4
12 Jan Mee 8 4
13 Jill Richards 6 9
14 Cath Greenwood 4 3
15 Margaret Armitage 2 1