Club Championship Format

The Club Champions (Men’s & Ladies’) are the players who are most consistently in the top winning positions.

This is reflected by them obtaining the highest number of Championship points in the 18 qualifiers during April – September.

No entry fee is required.
All members are automatically included.

There is a separate Men’s & Ladies’ Championship so the championship points are awarded separately for Men & Ladies as follows:-

1st placed Man – 12 points, 2nd placed Man – 11 points, 3rd places Man 10 points … and so on down to the 12th placed Man – 1 point.

1st placed Lady – 8 points, 2nd placed Lady – 6 points, 3rd placed Lady 4 points, 4th placed Lady 2 points.

Everyone has an equal chance of winning each competition; therefore everyone has an equal chance of winning the Club Championship