Autumn Gathering

Thursday, 15th October 2015


Start Sheet

(N.B. minor changes on the day may be necessary)

Team Leader
1 09.00 Richard Hone Chris West Mike Alexander Peter Starling
2 09.07 Garry Seagrave Frank Shaw Jeff Caunt Brian Ansell
3 09.15 Paul Baranek Pat Iremonger Jan Mee Sue Baranek
4 09.22 John Chadwick Monica McDermott May Cox-Brown Ann Boucher
5 09.30 Beresford Bell Maurice Tomlinson Linda Waldron Ron Coles
6 09.37 Irene Mitchell Pat Linnington Jackie Hastings Ruth Smith
7 09.45 Paul Meadows Roger Harwood Alan Kilburn John McWhirter
8 09.52 Barry Moxon Trevor Daykin Mike Chapman Peter Douglass
9 10.00 If anyone else would like to participate, please contact Ron Coles or Richard Hone
10 10.07

N.B. Start times are approximate – Please be on the tee at least 10 minutes before the time