Annual Handicap Review 2017
The ongoing adjustment of handicaps after qualifying competitions works very well in maintaining fair handicaps for the vast majority of members. However, in just a few cases some further intervention is required from time to time. In line with CONGU guidleines, each year a review is conducted to establish whether or not any members should have their handicaps amended. Initially a CONGU formula is applied to the handicap records of all members and this highlights any members who require further handicap scrutiny.
The following members have had their handicaps increased
Brian Bell 14 (+1)
Eric Guest 16 (+1)
Graham May 30 (+1)
Neil Oliver 22 (+2)
Bill Darby-Jones 18 (+1.6)
Richard Darby-Jones 14 (+1.6)
The following members have had their handicaps reduced
May Cox-Brown 24 (-1)
Pat Iremonger 22 (-2)
Monica McDermott 21 (-1)
Members are reminded that they can request an assessment of their handicaps at any time, in which case a similar process will be applied. Also, any member can request to play off a lower handicap than they have been awarded. This may sound strange at first, but it has happened in the past and the members have found it helps them play better because they respond to the challenge and focus more.
Changes come into effect from 1st April 2017