Annual Handicap Review 2015

The following players have had their handicaps adjusted with immediate effect.

All the reductions are based on applying the CONGU Annual Review formula to scores returned between 1st April 2014 and 20th January 2015. Reductions have been applied to the player’s handicap as at 20th January 2015.

One stroke increases have been applied to regular playing members who have consistently played significantly above their handicaps throughout the past 12 months.


Handicap Reductions

Chris Archer           Reduced by 1 to 13.5

Ralph Bedrock        Reduced by 1 to 18.9

Trevor Daykin          Reduced by 1 to 17.9

Pat Iremonger         Reduced by 2 to 26.1

Jill Richards            Reduced by 1 to 24.6

Chris West              Reduced by 2 to 28.8

Handicap Increases

Glyn Campbell       Increased by 1 to 20.3

Mike Chapman       Increased by 1 to 12

Bill Foster               Increased by 1 to 17.2

Luke Seagrave       Increased by 1 to 19.6


6th April 2015