Annual General meeting

held on Tuesday 22 February 2022


 Our Chairman, Richard Hone, welcomed everyone to the meeting.  There were 78 members present.
Minutes of the AGM 2021

It was not possible to hold a formal AGM in 2021 because of the pandemic restrictions.  However a written AGM report was published online and this was again available to view prior to the 2022 AGM.

Review of the year

The secretary Irene Mitchell reported on the year’s events.  This included:

·         adapting our systems to enable committee meetings to be held online

·         creating a new online access system for booking tee times

·         consistently high number of players each week

·         new Par3 polo shirts available from the pro shop

·         Our Lady Champion is Sue Baranek and John Smith is the Men’s Champion

·         Kevin Beswick won the singles matchplay and Roy Goldsbrough and Oliver Seagrave won the doubles

·         John Greenwood has retired as treasurer and Peter Wilson has taken over.

·         Pat Linnington has also retired from the committee and Sue Baranak is the new ladies representative

Treasurer’s report

Our new treasurer, Peter Wilson, presented the accounts, which now run from January to December each year. He gave a brief explanation of the year’s figures and told members that we have recently changed banks.  We now have an account which offers much better services for the club and our accounts will be independently reviewed annually.

Competition review

As always, the weekly competitions have been very well attended and the main club has been generous in allowing us to increase the number of tee slots.  Over 2021 we averaged 77 players a week.  We all had to be cautious because of covid, so we could not swap cards and times between tees had to be extended. It also meant the winter eclectics could not be completed.

The new handicap system is working well and the score entry system has been a great advantage.

Last year the top three prize winners in the weekly competitions were Tony Lees, John Smith and Michael Raven.

Monthly events

It has been remarkable that so many of the monthly events took place and the offers of £10 sponsorships was overwhelming.  To achieve what did take place this year needed ingenuity and patience and Ron’s organisational skills were at their best.  He even sorted out the 2022 programme in record time.

Charity 2022

This year’s charity will be ECHO (Eye care health organisation) which was co-founded by Par 3 Club member Dr Sardar Queshi MBE.


Introduction of pre booked tee slots for regular members – proposer by Dave Durrant and. seconded by Beresford Bell

Dave Durrant presented his proposal to the meeting. In essence it was suggest that the regular early playing groups (approximately 12 groups) would have pre-booked tee slots with gaps in the slots to allow for less regular players to book reasonably early times if they wish. i.e. 3 pre-booked tee slots, 1 free slot, 3 pre-booked tee slots, 1 free slot etc. It was proposed that this system should be run for a trial period to see how well it worked.

Richard Hone presented comments on behalf of the Committee which stated that although the Committee appreciated the difficulties that members had been experiencing with the booking system these were mainly in relation to the reduced availability of “early” tee slots during the winter. There is no shortage of the actual number of slots. Furthermore it was felt that those members excluded from the pre-booked tee slots will undoubtedly feel the system will not be fair for them.

The proposal was put to a vote, which was so close that it had to be repeated to ensure the count was correct. The proposal was accepted by a narrow majority.

It was left for the Committee to look at how and when to implement the proposal and to define the scope of the trial.


There was no other business raised and all but two of the attendees went out to play.